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UCSF-Brown Scientists Discover Enzyme Linked to White-Nose Bat Syndrome

Dr. Richard Bennett (Brown University) and a team of UCSF scientists have discovered an enzyme in the deadly fungal species that is threatening bats in North America. The disease, called White Nose Syndrome, is caused by Pseudogymnoascus destructans. Click onward for a link to the press release. More...

Mechanism of Homeostatic Synaptic Depression Revealed

The Davis lab has published their first paper in eLife describing a novel mechanism that controls the strength of synaptic connections in the nervous system. In their new eLife paper, the Davis lab has defined a novel mechanism that achieves a homeostatic decrease in synaptic strength-regulated removal of calcium channels from the presynaptic plasma membrane. More...

Sushi Science and Pain.

Check out the Wasabi Receptor! Yifan Cheng and David Julius have solved the structure of the pain receptor TRPA1 at atomic resolution using cryo-electonmicroscopy. This work, "Structure of the TRPA1 ion channel suggests regulatory mechanisms," was published in Nature last week and featured on NPR. More...



BBC: Jennifer Prescher
Expanding the imaging toolbox
Byers Auditorium, 12-1pm



Special Seminar, Tony Kouzarides
Epigenetic modification pathways: function/misconduct in cancer
GH-N114, 4-5pm



Jennifer Ewald
Linking metabolic and cell cycle regulation
Byers Auditorium, Noon



Junying Yuan
Regulation of Necroptosis/Inflammation by RIPK1
Byers Auditorium



BBC: Evgeny Nudler
Molecular Trafficking in Gene Control/DNA Maintenance
Byers Auditorium, 12-1pm

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